There are many coworking spaces to choose from in this area. How do you pick the right one for you?  First, you should schedule a tour of the space. Check it out, see who is coworking there. Start-ups? Freelancers? Tele-commuters? Our shared office space is a nice combination of all three. Second, the actual space is important. What is the design and the layout? Can you picture yourself working in this space?  We have an open floor plan with a combination of personal desks, a communal table, office suites, a standing counter, a phone booth, and a kitchen area (plus an outside sitting area).

Before, you join a coworking space you should try it out. That is why we offer a FREE half day trial visit. We want to make sure our office sharing space is right for you.

Here are a few things you should consider:

  1. Location-is the space close by to restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores?
  2. Design-do you feel good when you walk-in? Can you image yourself working at the space?Layout. Aesthetically pleasing. Art on the walls.
  3. Amenities-what does the membership include? We offer free printing (unless you are printing your memoir) and 24/7 access with all our memberships which also includes access to both our conference room and phone booth. And, we provide complementary coffee from Carrboro Roasters. Check out our site for a full listing of all our amenities.
  4. Budget-can you afford the monthly fee? We have various membership levels to try to meet the needs of our members, including daily and weekly rates.
  5. Community-a shared workspace is only as good as its members. Our members make our community! We have a nice mix of professions, ages, and genders.

Interested in Perch-schedule a tour and/or a Free half day.