5 Best Events at Perch Coworkig-Lunch and Learn

When Perch Coworking started, our only Member Event was going to Happy Hour every Friday at Steel String. Since then, we have added several events throughout the years, with most of them resulting from enthusiastic suggestions from our coworking members. We had one member who was completing her yoga certification and who wanted to teach, so we added a yoga class. That class was so popular  that we soon added another yoga class. Another member thought it would be great if we had a Mindfulness class, so we added a ten minute class once a month. Recently, this popular class has evolved into a Meditation Club that gathers once a week.

However, some of our events/activities have not worked here. For example, we set up a cardio-circuit outdoors, but the weather was too hot and since we don’t have showers, it never really caught on at Perch! Although, we do afternoon walks when the weather permits.

One of our very favorite activities, which really isn’t an event, but which is one that we love…is waiting for the ever-present coffee to brew while chatting with our fellow Perch members. It is always fun and so interesting to catch up!

Top 5 Best Events:

  1. Yoga
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Community Lunches
  4. Lunch and Learn
  5. Happy Hour

All of Perch Coworking events are free to our members. Come take a tour and enjoy a free half day on us.